Corporate Axe Throwing

Although ax throwing may not be something you would usually associate with corporations or companies, it could be if ax-throwing competition was one of the activities offered at a corporate event. This type of activity may sound and is unusual for a corporate event or any other event for that matter but it is just one of the many diverse activities that may be offered if a company outsources its event planning to a specialist, professional, events planning business. Other options may include such bazaar things as archery, river cruises or beach volleyball depending on what is available in the company’s area.

Outsourcing by companies has now been going on for many years and many companies take advantage of the opportunities but most only outsource their customer service divisions whilst many other options are also available. The outsourcing of event planning is one aspect which is becoming increasingly popular with companies across the land although usually, they will hire a local business as opposed to larger ones as knowledge of the area is essential for good event planning.

Specialist event planners like Quiz Coconut which is based in Toronto are aware of all the potential activities and venues available in and around their area and so are well able to offer their clients a wide and diverse set of options for an event. Once the company has chosen what they think would be appropriate for them, the event planners then start to make all the arrangements on the company’s behalf. The company will have no problems with having to find the manpower to misemploy in order to make suitable arrangements and can even ask the planners to provide an MC for the night if they feel that would be appropriate too.

Many companies consider corporate events as essential in keeping up the morale of their workers but although they know the importance of such events, they would rather not be distracted by all the minor details and so outsourcing is a godsend in these instances. Of course, as well as boosting morale, most companies would prefer it if some team building activities were included in the event as by increasing their worker’s team working abilities as well as their moral can have benefits in productivity and therefore profits. The professional organizers are aware of this and so will often include options for team building activities which are usually more innovative than just a trivia quiz although quizzes can sometimes be beneficial too.

So, your next corporate event may include axe throwing, beer tasting or even a cruise along the river but once a professional event planner is hired, it is doubtful that it will be just one more ‘office party’ event and so morale should remain high just thinking of what may be in store at the next event. Any teamwork knowledge which has been gained at an event usually carries back to the workplace and any rivalry between departments at an event can also be carried forward and that too can improve productivity.

Leah Morrison